Welcome to the world of Keith Stewart

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When people experience life-altering events, they either thrive or crumble under the pressure. Music icon Keith Stewart certainly belongs in the former category. His life as a newly single man has resulted in tremendous creative output and some of the best music of his remarkable career.

In early 2008, Keith made the leap into the industry as one of the most gifted writers in the game. The high-powered collection of songs he wrote got placement on projects like Marcus Houston, Chris Brown, Kevin MC Call and many others, His edgy lyrics and musical genius has laid the framework for many successful records with producers and artists alike.

Keith was also hand picked to write and sing the theme song for hit BET TV show, "Hell Date".  On BET's hit dating and prank reality show Hell Date, unsuspecting daters go on excursions with the men and women of their nightmares. 

“I feel more connected to my female fan base as a single man,” Keith says. This newfound comfort is evident throughout the heavily sensual collection. On the inventive “This Work,” for instance, the record is equally sexual and has a heavier, darker bent. It features a dazzling guest rap from Nyzzy Nyce, this thunderous, intense tune details the risqué adventures of maintaining a secret, illicit rendezvous.

Given the wide range of songs he creates, Keith must draw from different sources when writing. “When I am writing a ballad, I am more introspective and it comes from the heart,” he reveals. When challenged with making a hype club record he states, “I have to be in an environment of lots of party energy when creating a club track.”

Fortunately for Keith’s fans, the Compton native will surprise by delivering genre-defining music in a number of styles, he will leave you wanting more! Discovered by Chicago Dave, this musical heart throb continues to redefine the limits of where an artist can go. With ties into Germany and Europe Keith continues to challenge himself to stay ahead of the curve. 

Performing on Hollywood's biggest stages, Keith has made grand appearances with Jennifer Hudson and some of the industries greatest.  The best is yet to come however as Keith has put his heart & soul into this new debut project. Stay tuned for the new project drops 2016 and he's coming to a city near you.

The world will soon know the musical genius of Keith Stewart! Enjoy...